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A tale of two states: Kentucky shows Indiana the way on health care

I have not heard a single elected official, in Indiana or in Washington, say that he or she wants fewer people to have health insurance. Not a single one.

Yet, some are acting with just that in mind. In Washington, the opponents of Obamacare refuse to do a single thing to improve the law, though they endlessly point to its flaws. The result is no improvement and rampant citizen confusion. Both of these will result in fewer people having insurance. 

In Indiana, the Governor has done nothing to ease problems with enrollment and has intentionally passed up a chance to insure hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers by rejecting Medicaid expansion. Kentucky is looking very good by contrast. 

I believe in making government work. I take no pleasure in its failures.

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From The Blog

Medicaid Expansion in Indiana [INFOGRAPHIC]

Due to Governor Mike Pence rejecting health care expansion, over 300,000 Hoosiers will go uninsured in Indiana. Below is an infographic that illustrates just what Governor Pence has turned down by rejecting expansion.

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Indiana's Educational "System"

Indiana now has some 4 or 5 "school boards" depending on who you listen to. Of course, there are still local school boards, but they are supplanted or supplemented by the Department of Education, the State Board of Education, the Governor's education policy team, the Education Roundtable and the various leaders of private, charter and takeover schools. The legislature is called on to oversee this witches brew of overlapping authority. Much of our work is rushed and driven by ideology. If you want a further idea of the range of issues we are supposed to decide on see the attached list.

Suffice it to say my position is clear: we need a predictable system of public education that provides stable guidance to our school leaders and generates and recognizes student success. Sadly, we do not have a  real system and we continue to chase silver bullet solutions to our educational problems. The result is parental and student confusion with success being defined by who has the loudest voice or the best ad campaign. This problem exists statewide but is at its worst in Indianapolis and in our small school districts.

I would love to hear your views on what we can do to insure our kids get a chance at reaching their potential. 


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House Republicans attack the environment and consumers in one move

Late last week the House Republicans passed a bill that would end Indiana’s efforts to save energy! They would kill Mitch Daniels’ program that led to home energy audits and the provision of efficient light bulbs. The net effect will be to increase energy costs and increase the likelihood we will need a new coal-fired power plant. House Republicans would rather cry out for burning more coal than try our hand at energy conservation.

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Press Releases

DeLaney: Indiana Needs Our Own State Health Exchange

INDIANAPOLIS – State Rep. Ed DeLaney (D-Indianapolis) has issued the following statement after the Indiana Department of Insurance announced its decision to extend insurance coverage for Hoosiers considered “high risk” through next January: “I agree that this decision had to be made to ensure that those most at risk do not lose their insurance coverage. “However, these circumstances again point out the need for us to work with the federal government in setting up an exchange operated by the state of Indiana. I think we could do a better job than Washington in using the machinery of the Affordable Care Act to help protect the lives of Hoosiers. “The governor needs to reconsider his actions in refusing to have a state-run exchange. “At the very least, I believe that Indiana needs to do a better job of informing Hoosiers about the details of the federal health care law and how we can benefit from it. Other states are making this effort. Indiana should, too.”

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State of Indiana vs Healthcare

Governor Pence and Attorney General Zoeller are suing the IRS in order to keep 400,000 more Hoosiers from getting affordable insurance.


Below are excerpts from the lawsuit, State of Indiana vs. IRS:


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Recent News

Indiana lagging behind Kentucky in health care coverage


Mass Transit clears hurdle in committee


Member of the Insurance Committee

Ed DeLaney is the Ranking Minority Member on the Insurance Committee. Ed is also a member of the following committees: Courts and Criminal Code, Judiciary, and Roads and Transportation. Rep. DeLaney is pleased to use his expertise in health care expansion in Indiana to serve his constituents to the best of his ability.