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Ballard's Pre-K Plan: By the Numbers



DeLaney News Release on Mayor Ballard’s Pre-School Proposal

  • The Mayor’s pre-k proposal does too little and drains existing programs already under stress
    •  By the Mayor's own estimate there are nearly 6,000 children in poverty who could benefit from decent pre-school education. His proposal would reach less than 25% of children in poverty. His proposal does nothing for the remaining 75% of children in poverty and nothing for those children whose parents cannot afford preschool.


  • The Mayor would finance his modest idea by taking funds away from public schools, public libraries, IndyGo Transit and Eskanazi Hospital. Let me repeat that: every cent of his proposal will result in harm to existing services including the tens of thousands of children in our public schools. This is robbing Peter to pay Paul.  In doing this the Mayor would eliminate a Homestead Credit that has benefited the schools and reduced taxes for homeowners. I am handing you a chart to show the exact costs to our schools and other public facilities. To take just one example, the Mayor will take $922,700 per year for 5 years from the Franklin Township Schools alone. That school system is already under financial stress. Note that in the process of cutting our schools and city services the Mayor would also increase taxes on homeowners by $3.7 million. 


  • The Mayor’s proposal does not help all the children who need help to attend pre-school
    • Pre-school is costly but it is money well spent. According to the Mayor's estimate it costs from $4700 to $7000 per year. His proposal would only help one of four poor children not now in pre-school. It would leave everyone above the poverty level to pay the full-cost of pre-school whether their parents make $35,000 or $350,000 a year. Such a program cannot be labelled "public" education, yet he would fund 75% of the cost of his program from public school dollars.


  • The Mayor’s proposal is driven by the Election Cycle not by good planning
    • The State is slowly beginning to create a structure to support preschool with state dollars. I am urging the Legislature to move more rapidly to fund a state-wide pre-school program. In the long run pre-school education will lower our crime rate and improve academic performance. It only succeeds if the approach is thoughtful and widespread. It should not be done in a hurry because the Mayor is facing an election.


  • The Mayor has been under siege over the murder rate in our capital city. It is only natural that he wants to respond. He is right that over the long haul pre-school education will lower our crime rate and strengthen our community. But we need to have a thoughtful approach to this long-term program. It simply cannot succeed if it is too small. It cannot generate support if it undercuts everything from school budgets to public transit and public health.


  • If the Mayor needs political cover, let him get it by engaging in a debate over how to fund pre-k, who gets help, what role the public schools will have and who will run the system. I am prepared to engage in that debate with the Mayor and the other Democrats seeking that office.


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On the Healthy Indiana Plan Expansion

I'm glad that the state is prepared to expand health coverage to 500,000 Hoosiers. I've been asking for this result for nearly two years. It is a good idea to return federal tax revenue to Indiana at a time when so many of us suffer from ill health.

If the Obama admininstration and the Governor can reach a final agreement, I will do all I can to bring it to fruition. The two underlying principles for my support are 1) covering as many people as possible and 2) using positive incentives to encourage healthy behavior.


Read more about the expansion here. (via Indy Star)

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Medicaid Expansion in Indiana [INFOGRAPHIC]

Due to Governor Mike Pence rejecting health care expansion, over 300,000 Hoosiers will go uninsured in Indiana. Below is an infographic that illustrates just what Governor Pence has turned down by rejecting expansion.

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From The Blog

House Republicans attack the environment and consumers in one move

Late last week the House Republicans passed a bill that would end Indiana’s efforts to save energy! They would kill Mitch Daniels’ program that led to home energy audits and the provision of efficient light bulbs. The net effect will be to increase energy costs and increase the likelihood we will need a new coal-fired power plant. House Republicans would rather cry out for burning more coal than try our hand at energy conservation.

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Post-Election Report: A Big Thank You and a List of Challenges

I won re-election with 60% of the vote, my best result in three elections. I need to thank all of you who voted for me, gave me financial support or pointed me in the right direction when I went astray. I needed all of this help. I am honored to serve and will fight for the concerns of my voters and of all Hoosiers. Thanks!

Please read on for more of my thoughts and upcoming challenges I see for the General Assembly.

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Door-to-door: Comments of the Week October 22

I went Door-to-Door campaigning with my wife, Ann, on Sunday. It was her birthday but she was out campaigning for our son, Tim, who is running for a State Senate seat. We were walking in our own neighborhood and had a very positive response. I had one particularly striking conversation with a young mother who has two kids in IPS. Her older child is at the Center for Inquiry (School 84). Like everyone else, she is very pleased with the school. Her other child has autism and is in a special IPS program. The mother is just as  pleased with that program as she is with CFI. She believes that IPS is helping both her kids albeit in different programs. She expressed a concern that some parents of kids with disabilities are missing out on IPS. They hear rumors of systemic failure at IPS and go elsewhere. Almost one-quarter of all IPS kids have special needs. My inquiries lead me to believe that IPS does a fine job helping these kids. We need to be very careful in evaluating school systems based on vague reputational beliefs. As the young mother at the door made clear, if the school system is delivering for your child, that is what counts.

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Press Releases

DeLaney: Indiana Needs Our Own State Health Exchange

INDIANAPOLIS – State Rep. Ed DeLaney (D-Indianapolis) has issued the following statement after the Indiana Department of Insurance announced its decision to extend insurance coverage for Hoosiers considered “high risk” through next January: “I agree that this decision had to be made to ensure that those most at risk do not lose their insurance coverage. “However, these circumstances again point out the need for us to work with the federal government in setting up an exchange operated by the state of Indiana. I think we could do a better job than Washington in using the machinery of the Affordable Care Act to help protect the lives of Hoosiers. “The governor needs to reconsider his actions in refusing to have a state-run exchange. “At the very least, I believe that Indiana needs to do a better job of informing Hoosiers about the details of the federal health care law and how we can benefit from it. Other states are making this effort. Indiana should, too.”

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State of Indiana vs Healthcare

Governor Pence and Attorney General Zoeller are suing the IRS in order to keep 400,000 more Hoosiers from getting affordable insurance.


Below are excerpts from the lawsuit, State of Indiana vs. IRS:


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Recent News

Indiana lagging behind Kentucky in health care coverage


Mass Transit clears hurdle in committee


Member of the Insurance Committee

Ed DeLaney is the Ranking Minority Member on the Insurance Committee. Ed is also a member of the following committees: Courts and Criminal Code, Judiciary, and Roads and Transportation. Rep. DeLaney is pleased to use his expertise in health care expansion in Indiana to serve his constituents to the best of his ability.